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From Levia: At LEVIA, we are creating the best tasting social seltzer EVER. Rooted in simple, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA will elevate our experience with a fast & predictable onset of effects. After years of research, we unlocked the secret to crisp & refreshing cannabis-infused drinks. And ever since, the days are lively, the nights are chill, and spirits are buoyed for friends and family alike.

LEVIA is delighting customers for the cannabis-enthusiast holiday, 4/20, with the launch of its latest limited-edition flavor, Pineapple Express. The flavor was selected by LEVIA’s loyal customers as part of an official fan voting campaign that took place on LEVIA’s Instagram earlier this year. The winning flavor, Pineapple Express, will be hitting store shelves this week, just in time to celebrate 4/20. The new flavor is LEVIA’s first-ever terpene-infused beverage. The addition of terpenes brings out the fragrantly fruity flavors of this iconic strain, with familiar earthy notes of pine and cedar alongside signature notes of pineapple and bright citrus.

All LEVIA products provide a fast & predictable onset, consistent experience, and no hangover. We craft with the finest locally sourced buds and simple all-natural ingredients.


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