London Pound Mints Pre-Roll | 1g | Smyth Cannabis

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Alternate Names:
London Mints, London Pound Mintz, London Mintz

House Exotics
London Pound Cake #75 x Kush Mints #11
Flavor Notes:
Mint, Citrus, Honey, Floral, Earthy

Lowell-based Smyth Cannabis operates in a highly controlled growing facility. To create an optimal cannabis consumption experience, their flower is precisely grown, cured, and hand-trimmed – creating a high-quality finished buds.

London Pound Mints is a strain that’s mildly strong, accessible to beginners but also enjoyable by experienced cannabis users. It’s often said to offer an intense indica high – one that users say lets them settle into a sleepy calm.

Made of ground flower wrapped in a thin layer of paper, joints are portable, easy to share, and are easy to put out for users who want to smoke over a longer period. They’ve long been one of the most popular methods of smoking weed.

Reported Effects:
Relaxed, Happy, Tingly, Calm, Sleepy


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