Methods of Consumption


Inhalation is the quickest method for effects to kick in. Upon inhalation, cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs and are passed directly into the bloodstream. Onset is almost instantaneous (1-10 mins) and the duration can last anywhere from 1-3 hours.


Smoking is the most common consumption method, although it is not the healthiest or most discreet. The combustion of plant material can put strain on the lungs. The odor of smoking cannabis is also strong.



More discreet and cleaner than smoking, vaping requires a hardware device to administer the dosage. This device, known as a vape, heats the flower or concentrate to a temperature just under the point of combustion to release vapor for inhalation. Vapor doesn’t release the tar that is inhaled when flower is combusted, thus it’s seen as a cleaner alternative. The smell from vaporizing is also mild as opposed to smoking cannabis. 


We recommend starting with one inhalation. Be mindful that concentrates are inherently more potent and require less dosage. The effects of inhalation come on quickly but we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes to see how you feel until the next inhalation. 



Ingestion of cannabis edibles and drinks is discreet and has the benefit of avoiding the lungs. Effects will take longer to experience as the body needs time to digest and metabolize the cannabinoids. This process can take 30 minutes to 2 hours (onset). Effects can last anywhere from 1 – 8 hours. Contributing factors affecting onset and duration of experience include dose, stomach contents and mindset. 


We recommend starting with a low dose that is less than 5mg. The onset may take up to 2 hours so we recommend waiting 2 hours before consuming another dose.



Sublingual delivery of cannabinoids is another discreet and efficient method of consumption. Alcohol-based tinctures and sprays are specially designed for this delivery method. Sublingual cannabinoid preparations are administered underneath the tongue where the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. The onset of sublingual delivery is quick, usually 5 – 20 minutes. The duration of sublingual preparations is 2 – 6 hours.


We recommend starting with a low dose of less than 5mg of a CBD:THC ratio tincture.



Topical preparations of cannabis, such as creams, salves, transdermal patches, and oils are typically non-euphoric. Unlike the other delivery methods, cannabinoids from topicals are absorbed through the skin. Topicals may provide localized relief for pain and muscle soreness. The average onset time is 1-15 minutes and the average duration of effects is 1-2 hours.


Use as much as you need to obtain relief.


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